Our Services

We offer a wide range of services in Information Tech, through which we develop trusted digital solutions to problems in different sectors. These include software and web development, mobile apps, modeling and prototying, graphics, online marketing, business branding and a flair for iDea incbuation whereby we work to groom your ideas to life.

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Software Development

Developing quality software systems to up your productivity is a culture we take serious. Using steady technologies and following modern trends, we aim always to deliver the best products with high standards. We develop desktop applications for Windows primarily, with an eye into the future you are guaranteed to get more than your expectation positively.

Our development range covers business applications, education systems, personal applications, finaincial and HR systems etc., before the comencement of building your new system we offer free System Analysis and Feasilibity Study. When done with building, we ensure that transitioning to your newly developed system is seamless and painless. Training is also provided for personnels too.

We work closely with you from start to finish to achieve success, afterwhich full support is provided for our systems.

In creating desktop softwares we use

  • Windows Forms and WPF
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Server database
  • Object Relation Mapper (EF 6)
  • XML and RESTful APIs

Web Development

Do you know you might be losing more thn 60% of your customers if your busines is not online? The internet today has grown to become a must-use facility for everyone directly or indirectly. We are here to take your business to the world by building high-performance anf highly adaptive web applications.

At Dynamic Brain Sys we drive innovative and responsive design following latest web standards and semantics. From simple websites and blogs to complex systems, portals and Web APIs - we have all it take to deliver promptly. This include planning, designing of your theme, implementing your models to hosting the final product.

Web Application

Involves high-performance business systems, social and financial platforms which makes use of database engines, APIs if need be and serves dynamic and interactive content to users. It also contains control panel for administration and adequate reporting. Example are online registration and payment portals, online management, e-commerce, banking and co-operative systems etc.

Web Presence

This is a simple website to showcase your business and social connections, tell the world what you do, display your portfolio and other static contents. You can also receive feedback from your customers or viewers. This is good enough for your small business to go digital.


Are you intrested in writing or telling stories? Then a blog is what you need. Simple and intutive designs to serve your contents seamlesly setup using Wordpress or a custom development. We are SEO consious so you get great traffic to drive revenue using advertising platforms like Google Ads or Chitika.

Web Services and APIs

If you need a dynamic hub to serve same content across multiple platforms like the web, desktop standalone or mobile apps without developing same solution everytime then you need a web service or API that will be hosted securely and allows connection from your other apps and modules.

Our development stack and models design ensure you can easily port your web application to other platforms like desktop standalone or mobile application at a very low cost. These tools include

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web-forms and MVC 5
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Server database
  • Object Relation Mapper (EF 6)
  • Web services, XML and RESTful APIs
  • Full use of HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Libraries like jQuery, Angular.js and many more
  • Wordpress blog engine

Mobile Apps Development

We build cross-platform mobile applications for your business and every other need. Mobile apps is the best way to keep tab with your audience and provide more engaging content on the fly. Similar to a web-based system, mobiles apps is faster and easier for your audience. Recent surveys shows that mobile application across all platforms were downloaded 30.1 billion times, intresting figure but it rose to 200 billion downloads in 2016.

Our cross-platform development include Android, Windows and iOS.

We take time to design and model your project to your taste, attaining high performance and sleeky design is what we look after. Our development process always carry clients along to ensure a smooth implementation of business logic and other preferences.

We can integrate

  • 2-way communication with your existing web application
  • Mobile advertising for revenue genereration
  • In-app purchase to drive sales and revenue
  • Push notificatons for instant messaging

System Modeling and Prototyping

This is an integral part of any new system to be built. If you have a model for your business or platform, you might need a Prototype or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) before scaling. We develop trusted prototypes following standard to ensure your scaling is sweatless.

With proper system analysis and understanding of the subject matter, we delve deep to produce great quality systems. Prototypes are mostly built in very short period of time and testing time is limited. Using the Rapid Application Development methodology (RAD), our experience in such cases will push it through, being it

  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • Mobile application (Android)

Hardware Outsourcing and Networking

iDea Incubation

So you have this idea you have been nursing, the passion for it has been growing within and you know it can work? YES! We too believe in you. Let us join brains and fire it up.

It take just the right connection to start flying, so the same to get uninspired. We can help you fine-tune and breath life to it. We dedicate our time to research to make sure there is vast amount of knowledge around the subject matter. With our crew hands-on, modeling and prototyping is one step away. Scaling to a full-blown system and giving you that smile of satisfaction is a pridestone for us.